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Region: Antalya

Local time: 15:57

Antalya is a holiday resort which is located on the southern mediterranean coast of Turkey where the town is engulfed by the western part of the Taurus Mountain chain. Antalya is a realizable and achievable dream resort with its roads surrounded by orange and palm trees, pictorial and lovely restored ancient Turkish houses on the narrow streets of ”Kaleiçi” area. There are also beautiful parks, an attractive yacht harbour and imposing ancient buildings.
The documented history of the town starts with the 2nd century before Christ. It was founded by the Pergamon king ”Attalos !!” and was named ”Attaleia” after him. Antalya endured the regimes of the Roman Empire, Byzantines, Seldschuks and the Ottomans. The area is conspicuous by its wonderful climate, its world famous archeological museum, its several parks and beaches. Numerous tourists from all over the world come to Antalya to enjoy their holidays throughout the year.

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