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Region: Side

Local time: 14:54

Side is known of its fine sand coast and clear sea. It is located 8 km south of Manavgat. The word ”Side” means ”Pomegranate” which is a symbol of blessing. The first settlement has been dated to the 1st millennium B.C. According to Strabo, it was colonized by emigrants from Cyme from the Aegean province. This city was a harbour city which is known of its ”slave market” in the archaid period. The most attractive building in Side is the theatre which is an example of genuine architecture, known as the “Elephant’s Foot”, because it is based on huge columns. The Public Bath, Agora, the Monumental Inner Gate, the Monumental Fountain, the Basilica, east of the port. Today, Side is a world famous holiday centre with it’s important ruins in Pamphylia, kilometers of fine sandy beaches, entertainment avabilities and numbers of modern touristic complexes.

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